Welcome to our Guild!

Sea of Opportunity is a "Local Guild" which is based in the South East of England*. Started by a group of friends, we're aiming to find more players that live nearby to join us!

We play games including World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Diablo3 and a bunch of others! We host a variety of ingame events involving the whole community, such as competitions, games and parties! We help each other level up and experience what games has to offer as a team.

We also take part in real life days out! Whether it be a day to the cinema, a picnic in the park or going bowling; what better way to make friends than hanging out.

We hope that you'll consider joining our team because there's nothing more fun than making new friends, especially ones that have similar interests! We hope to see you in-game!

If you're interested in joining then click on our members tab and join the site!

*Note that everyone is welcome to join, obviously only members in the South East will be able to attend real life events, but others are welcome to join us playing video games online!

- Fawn

guildford, surrey